In this day and age, cyber attacks are more sophisticated than ever before. Without adequate software in place to detect suspicious activity early on, your company is at risk of costly security breaches and the loss or damage of valuable, sensitive, data.

At Vertex Labs, we work to restore our clients’ confidence in their IT systems. Using machine learning, we help organizations detect anomalous behavior from both internal and external sources in real time. Any occurrence of unusual activity alerts our systems, eliciting an autonomous response, halting further access to information. Rest assured, our cyber security solutions will not interfere with your new or old processes. In the event of an attack, we will notify your staff and put the reins back in your hands.

What We Do

Network risk evaluation
Real-time detection
Autonomous response

We’re here for you

Whether plug and play cloud AI solutions or custom technologies, the engineers at Vertex Labs guarantee an advanced solution to your complex data needs. Our experts are trained in delivering accurate and transparent models to deliver cutting-edge performance while satisfying stakeholders and relieving regulatory pressure. Follow the links below if you’d like to learn how Vertex can help you.

Our experts provide record-breaking algorithms to maximize performance
Whether an individual or global organization, our algorithms are built to scale.
Our algorithms offer the best possible operational transparency for stakeholders and senior management.